Where Legal Problems Resolve Themselves

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                           One thing my wife loves to watch are court drama shows made in both
South Korea and the United States. There are all kinds of dramas ranging from spousal divorces to
fight over money and inheritance. These seem to be themes are familiar to both American and
South Korean audiences. These things seem all too common in major cities and suburban towns
where my parents used to live. But as I keep telling people, America is a very big country, and what
may be true in one part is not necessarily true in another. Where I live people more often than not
simply do not go to court for resolving legal problems. They either hire a lawyer to work out the
legal details or just do not bring any charges to “keep the problems in the family.” We live in an
area where people largely keep to themselves, and they do NOT want to go to court for a serious
problem even if it is divorce. To be sure, there is no way that certain criminal acts can only be
resolved through the courts here—family violence, drunk driving, using illicit drugs, and firing
guns and murder. In terms of land disputes, in terms of family problems, in terms of family inheritance, and
in terms of legal arguments with one’s neighbors, these usually get resolved quietly. I learned
that where we live, the county court might have one legal case every month, and sometimes not
even that. A good part of the problem is that where we live most people are economically poor,
families and neighbors know each other, and there is little to fight about since the land is not
worth much and it is more in the best interests of everyone to get along than to fight with each
other. Where we live is not the same as, say, a major city like Chicago or Los Angeles where
courts and the law have to work around the clock and over-time to deal with all of the crimes
and legal disputes that can and do clog the whole legal system in America.