Protection the Religions

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                                     In my personal case I have no religion or religious beliefs. I believe
in no god or gods, and do not believe in a supernatural force. That all said, I have no problem
with anyone who is deeply religious and believe in a god or supreme being. To me the only
necessity is to separate religion from the functions of the secular state, but that any and all
religions MUST have the right to exist and be able to preach their beliefs and teachings so that
people who might wish to follow are safe to convert to that religion. My own wife is a Christian,
and all of our neighbors are Christians. I have no problem with any of this—what a person
does or does not believe in is their choice. And this is what I believe in most; the right to choose
what they want to be. When I was in Incheon, one thing that struck me was that there are so
many churches. I was told that many people who lived in Incheon had family who once lived in
North Korea but had fled because the current government in North Korea persecuted and 
even murdered those who were fervent Christians or Buddhists or followers of Chondogyo.
Having been to four Communist states, there sadly is no true freedom of religion. There
might be those Communist states that are or were more tolerant than others (as in the case of
China and the former East Germany) but others that were less tolerant (as in the case of Cuba
and the former Soviet Union). But there was never complete freedom. The real danger of
Communist societies is that if people who are religiously inclined are not allowed to believe
in what they want, then a person like myself would be in danger because I equally reject
political utopias and political systems that limit the freedom of people to choose who and what
they are and what they believe or do not believe. Even though I do not believe in any god or
gods, I will fight for those who do simply to also protect myself.